(I'm sorry this is in English, as I'm not a native Polish speaker x_x)

Hi everyone! I'm Lia, a resident cleaner and temporary admin here in pl.alice. I would like to hear your opinions about merging with this wiki since they also have the same content as ours. Merging with wikis that are usually inactive and have the same content as ours generally means that it would be more organized since visitors of the previous wiki would now be redirected to the more updated wiki and find more information in their native language. This also means that more viewers would be going to our wiki due to our up-to-date content! However, the two wikis should agree on the merge for it to happen.

When the two wikis are merged, the wiki with the most updated content is kept (which is ours) so there's no need fret for missing pages :) It basically means obtaining another URL for our wiki since the other wiki has been inactive for three years. Please voice your agreement/disagreement/violent reactions(?) in the comments below for the Wikia staff to see. Dziękuję!

P.S. The blog would be up for a week. P.P.S. This is the blog I posted on the other wiki.

Lia (wall) 19:46, lis 25, 2014 (UTC)

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